I'm trying to install oracle grid with asm filter driver.

I've already installed grid software only.

As root, I can't start asm. Actually, I don't have any answer from asmcmd filter driver commands:

root@srvdb18c:/u01/app/18.0.0/grid/bin# env|grep ORACLE
root@srvdb18c:/u01/app/18.0.0/grid/bin# ./asmcmd afd_configure
root@srvdb18c:~# $ORACLE_HOME/bin/asmcmd afd_state

What can be the problem?

Important: it's a Solaris 11 system.


Configuring Oracle ASM Filter Driver During Installation

This procedure must be performed after the Oracle Grid Infrastructure installation zip files have been unzipped in the Oracle Grid Infrastructure home, but before you enable the Configure ASM Filter Driver check box during the installation process when the setup script is run.

su root
# set ORACLE_HOME=/u01/app/oracle/12.2.0/grid
# set ORACLE_BASE=/tmp

# asmcmd afd_label DATA1 /dev/disk1a --init

# asmcmd afd_lslbl /dev/disk1a

Run the setup installation script (gridSetup.sh) to install Oracle Grid Infrastructure and enable Oracle ASM Filter Driver configuration.

On the Create ASM Disk Group wizard page during the installation process, check the Configure ASM Filter Driver box to enable configuration of Oracle ASM Filter Driver and then add your provisioned disks to the initial disk group (typically named DATA).

I used the above before an it worked.

Example: https://balazspapp.wordpress.com/2017/03/20/installing-oracle-12c-release-2-12-2-rac-on-virtualbox-silent-installation-part-3/

Based on the documentation, afd_configure and afd_state are used when you migrate an existing installation to AFD.

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