I noticed that the mysql_upgrade script is no longer available with mysql 8.0.16, and I'm running 8.0.19, so after creating a database backup from version 5.7 and imported to the version 8.0.19.

So, there's anything else I need to do to make sure to use the database in the new server running ubuntu 18.04?

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Do a logical dump with mysqldump instead of physical backup with xtrabackup or similar tool.

You will need no additional conversions. mysql_upgrade script is intended to convert physical storage files into the new version after in-place software upgrade. If you have pumped the dump onto the freshly installed MySQL, you can omit that script completely.


Per the official documentation, they mention the usage of mysql_upgrade is no longer necessary when trying to restore in MySQL 8.0.16 or later.


I guess you should be fine, even though this question is old. How did it went? did you had any issue?

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