I'm investigating some issues with parameterization for our app, which uses Sql Azure. I'm using the query store and analyzing the following 2 queries, which are similar.

See following image:

Query store results There are several things I don't understand.

Our application doesn't actually parameterize this query. Both the ShopId and order_id parameters are actually inlined by our app. Even more strange, the query that we sent doesn't send [order_id] = <id>. Instead it sends [order_id] IN (<list of ids>). Often, there will be a single id in the list.

1) I understand that Sql Azure can automatically parameterize. However, the second query shows a query_parameterization_type_desc of None. Yet, the query_sql_text shows that the query was auto parameterized. Why is that?

2) My understanding was that the query_sql_text was the text provided by the user (our app). However, it seems to actually be the text computed by Sql Azure once it's done its auto-parameterization, and also realized it could replaced the IN clause with an = since there was a single value in the IN. Is that right?

3) Both queries have different query_text_id but the query_sql_text is exactly the same. Why is that? Also, why is the statement_sql_handle is different? I get the feeling that maybe the handle is based on the raw text of the query, before SQL azure made transformed it into its canonical text. But I also did read that the text stored is supposed to be the raw text so I'm quite confused.

Can anyone shed some light?


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