We have 5 Lacs records in a SQL table. Below is table structure

UserID varchar

FirstName varchar

LastName varchar

Address varchar

We need to delete 50K records in this table. We tried below approach

Approach 1: This has 50K DELETE statements which takes around 40 minutes

DELETE FROM [dbo].[Table] WHERE UserID = 'tom345'

DELETE FROM [dbo].[Table] WHERE UserID = 'john45'

and so on until 50K DELETE statements

Approach 2: This contains all 50K user id in IN statement but it takes more that 40 minutes

DELETE FROM [dbo].[Table] WHERE UserID IN ( 'tom345', 'john45', .... )

Is there any other approach which takes less time comparatively?

Thank you


Create a temp table, put in your users and use that in your delete statement:

CREATE TABLE delete_users (user_id ... primary key);
INSERT INTO delete_users (user_id) values (...),(...)...;
DELETE FROM  [dbo].[Table] x 
    SELECT 1 FROM delete_users y WHERE x.user_id = y.user_id
DROP TABLE delete_users;
  • This is really very quick.Thank you @Lennart. Below query perfectly worked out for me DELETE FROM [dbo].[FIRSTTABLE] WHERE EXISTS ( SELECT 1 FROM [dbo].[SECONDTABLE] ST WHERE ST.UserID = [dbo].[FIRSTTABLE].UserID ) – Sukhjeevan May 22 '20 at 3:59

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