I' trying to import a csv file in MySql WorkBench but get an error:

Can't analyze file. Please, try to change encoding type. If that doesn't help, maybe the file is not: csv, or the file is empty.

I've tried to import the csv file create in Open Office Calac, Notepad++ or even just plain MS Notepad but no success. Of course I've set the encoding to UTF-8 in all of the programs.

Here is the the csv file content:


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csv files are tricky.

You should have a header in your csv file and also mark strings with apostrophes

But for your csv you must select latin2 as encoding see image


You must choose the right encoding, because this determines how bits and bytes are interpreted.

so if you don't want ansi you have encode it properly

See here for notepad++

enter image description here


Save your csv file as MS DOS instead of utf-8.

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    How does your answer differ from the previous answer? Please add an explanation, an example and possibly a reference to some material to support your answer. Thanks.
    – John K. N.
    May 18, 2022 at 13:55

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