This may sound silly, but is an Oracle Service Identifier (SID) aka database name normally in upper or lowercase?

According to the documentation, a SID "can contain only the characters a-z, A-Z, and 0-9", so both upper and lowercase is allowed. In my experience, it usually doesn't really matter. However, I am installing Oracle 11.2 on a file system that is case sensitive, and a lot of directories and files have the SID in them (e.g. initMYDB.ora).


I found a quote saying that the SID in the password file name (orapwMYDB) is case sensitive and must match the instance name.


Case sensitive on Linux/UNIX and not case sensitive on Windows.

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  • I see, thanks. Is there a convention people stick to, like always uppercase or always lowercase? – wolφi May 23 at 16:09
  • @wolφi Depends on the people or organization. I have seen both, even mixed. I prefer using uppercase. Oracle does that by default (I mean, when you download a pre-built VM or create a DB in their cloud). DBCA automatically creates a directory for the wallet with uppercase name when registering a database in a directory service, unless specified otherwise. ASM paths are converted to uppercase unless specified otherwise. ASM, APX and MGMTDB (built-in instances when using RAC) use uppercase ORACLE_SID. But these are just minor things. – Balazs Papp May 23 at 17:33

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