I am trying to update DBeaver Community Edition 7.0.3 to (currently) newest 7.1.0 edition on Fedora 30. When I start DBeaver a "Version Update" window pops up with buttons as options to Upgrade and Details (manually download installation file). When I click on Upgrade it freezes window and program crashes.

Is there any way to upgrade it AUTOMATICALLY without loosing any setup (DB connections, themes, etc.) or package MUST be manually replaced?

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    Big fan of DBeaver but the upgrade experience is pretty awful
    – TrojanName
    Commented Feb 28, 2022 at 11:28

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In Linux installation can be simply executed by selecting latest .deb/.rpm file which can be loaded from official page and installing it via terminal using following command:

Ubuntu 20.04:

sudo dpkg -i dbeaver-xxx.deb

Fedora has two options:

sudo dnf localinstall dbeaver-xxx.rpm


sudo rpm -i dbeaver-xxx.rpm

IMPORTANT: DBeaver must be shutdown while running these commands.

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