I see lots of resource but all of them are instructions on how to setup SQL fail over cluster (not availability group) from scratch using empty database instance.

I have a single non cluster database running now and I would like to convert it into HA fail over by adding another node/vm. I'm not 100% sure but some Googled resources say you cannot convert a non-clustered SQL Server instance into a clustered instance.

What would be the best method or approach in my case to go about converting my existing Database Instance into HA using FCI (not Availability Group) ?


Build a new cluster with an FCI and migrate the database using backup/restore. If you are not using VMs and need to reuse the existing server, then create a new 1-node cluster with an FCI, migrate the database, then rebuild the existing server, add it to the cluster and expand the FCI onto the second node.


You cannot convert an existing instance to a Failover Cluster Instance (FCI). An FCI node is a different type of installation. If start the SQL Server setup.exe you will see that it is. Both (single and an FCI node) are different installation options.

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