I am trying to grant a role to user.

grant my_role_1 to ktest1 with admin option;

But i am getting the below error

Error report - ORA-01932: ADMIN option not granted for role 'my_role_1'
01932. 00000 -  "ADMIN option not granted for role '%s'
*Cause:    The operation requires the admin option on the role.
*Action:   Obtain the grant option and re-try.

I have also tried the below statement. Still i am getting the same error. I am able to grant different roles but only with this role i am getting this error.

grant my_role_1 to ktest1;
  • Which user is trying to perform the GRANT? Who made the ROLE in the first place? Commented Jun 15, 2020 at 11:32

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You do not have the admin option yourself on my_role_1, so you cannot grant the role to other users. Get your DBA to grant the admin option for my_role_1 to you and you will be then be able grant the role to ktest1.

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