So when I try implementing this query:

BCP -SMSSQLSERVER01.[Internal_Checks].[Jan_Flat] format out  ^
-fC:\Desktop\exported data\Jan_FlatFormat.fmt -c -T  -UUGmn91 -SMSSQLSERVER01 -PChan

I am getting an error "A valid table name is required for in, out, or format options."

I want to create a Format File to bulk upload data. What am I doing wrong?

  • what is -f for? You can use simple bcp as --> bcp master.dbo.table_name out C:\tempdb\export.dat -c -Ulogin -Sserver_name -Ppassword – Learning_DBAdmin Jun 17 '20 at 10:36
  • -f is for format – RAJAT Jun 17 '20 at 10:58
  • If i Remove "format" after table name and -f then its giving me error of unknown argument"data\jan_FlatFormat.fmt" – RAJAT Jun 17 '20 at 11:03

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