Briefly, I am trying to filter a table using conditions plus a list of items in Oracle. In detail, I have a reporting table which has millons of records. I would like to filter it using external lists which might include more than 1000 lines of fields from the record table. (Obviously, I especially said 1000, because in clause in Oracle has the limit of 1000 items). So my question is; How can I effectively filter a huge table using another big list.

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    One workaround for the limit of a 1000 values is to use a multi-column IN condition. where (1, the_column) in ( (1,100), (1, 200), (1, 300) ) - but that won't be very efficient either. – a_horse_with_no_name Jun 24 at 8:46

How can I effectively filter a huge table using another big list?

Just JOIN the big table to list.

Just make sure your list is a table format:

  • External Table
  • Global Temporary Table
  • APEX Collection (for APEX apps)
  • an SQL collection (variable)
    • PL/SQL collection (18c+)
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  • Thanks for your suggestion. I will use this in my Hibernate + Spring application and the list will be submitted from UI. I think none of these will fully get my requirement done. I think I will need to tweak it on UI via paging data tables :). And cut down some filter functions. All I can do is this now :) – Olgun Kaya Jun 24 at 12:55

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