I'm receiving an LSAlert that my log ship database hasn't been updated. During digging I found that the log_shipping_primary_secondaries references the proper name of the secondary server, while log_shipping_monitor_secondary has a secondary server name the server had prior to it getting its new production name. (Essentially we spun up the box, migrated everything over then renamed the box to take the place of our production server. the secondary server the log_shipping_monitor_secondary is referencing is this servers temporary name)

I've attempted changing the name on that table but it still thinks the databases haven't been updated recently. Running the sp_refresh_log_shipping_monitor did not appear to fix the issue either.

I've checked the backup, copy, and restore jobs and they all appear to be running correctly. It is only the Monitor on the primary that appears to have the issue.

What do I need to do to get the monitor to recognize the new server name and the new restores. I'd like to avoid resetting up log shipping if at all possible.

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