I am newbie in postgresql, Currently I am working on one project, my query works fine when values are available in column, but if values are not there I want to use 0 instead of it. How can we write validation in my query, can any one help me to solve this ?

select (to_char((myfirsthour) - ((mysecondhours) - ((mybreak+ myteabreak))),'FM99,999,999'))::character varying as mydaiywork

so here if I do not get values any one of column I want to use 0.

  • @LaurenzAlbe can you post it as full answer if possible Jun 29, 2020 at 13:00

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Use coalesce (and forget the unnecessary cast to character varying):

SELECT coalesce(
             myfirsthour - mysecondhours + (mybreak + myteabreak),
       ) AS mydaiywork

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