Oracle SQL Developer (I'm using v3.2) has a feature called "DB Doc", which generates documentation for database objects. I mostly want to use it to generate documentation for my stored procedures, functions, packages and types. However, I can't find any documentation for it, describing what syntax I should use.

I have worked out that I should use a /* ... */ comment on the line(s) immediately above my procedure/whatever, and (by borrowing from JavaDoc) I have successfully used @param and @returns statements, but I'm not sure what else I can use. For example, are there fields for author, version, data modified, etc.?

I've done numerous searches of this site, Google, and Oracle's documentation, to no avail!


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Community wiki answer initially based on comments left by thatjeffsmith:

This is an exhaustive list of what it supports:

(reproduced from http://pldoc.sourceforge.net/maven-site/samples/sample1.sql)

* Project:         Test Project (<a href="http://pldoc.sourceforge.net">PLDoc</a>)<br/>
* Description:     Customer Data Management<br/>
* DB impact:       YES<br/>
* Commit inside:   NO<br/>
* Rollback inside: NO<br/>
* @headcom

* Record of customer data.
* @param id     customer ID
* @param name       customer name
* @param regno      registration number or SSN
* @param language   preferred language
TYPE customer_type IS RECORD (
  id                        VARCHAR2(20),
  name                      VARCHAR2(100),
  regno                     VARCHAR2(50),
  language                  VARCHAR2(10)

/** Table of customer records. */
TYPE customer_table IS TABLE OF customer_type INDEX BY BINARY_INTEGER;

* Gets customer by ID.
* @param p_id       customer ID
* @param r          record of customer data
* @throws no_data_found if no such customer exists
PROCEDURE get_customer (
  p_id              VARCHAR2,
  customer_rec      OUT customer_type);

* Searches customer by criteria.
* @param p_criteria record with assigned search criteria
* @param r_records  table of found customers <b>(may be empty!)</b>
PROCEDURE get_by_criteria (
  p_criteria        customer_type,
  r_records         OUT customer_table);

* Creates a customer record.
* @param customer_rec record of customer data
PROCEDURE create_customer (
  customer_rec      customer_type);

* Changes customer data.
* @param customer_rec record of updated customer data
PROCEDURE update_customer (
  customer_rec      customer_type);


We support everything in PLDOC - we just have a GUI vs a CLI for it. There are three code samples there, you should be able to do anything listed in those samples.


I would recommend to use PLDOC for PLSQL Documentation generation. It's similar to JavaDoc (slightly limited functionality, but has basics like @return, @throw, @param and etc.).

  • I agree, but this isn't really an answer to my question - @thatjeffsmith did that in a comment above. Commented Nov 30, 2015 at 20:15

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