I have a task to enable SQL Server database encryption with an Azure Key Vault. I follow the steps described in Set up SQL Server TDE Extensible Key Management by using Azure Key Vault. More details as following

  1. In my Azure portal, I created a Key Vault, named DB-Encryption-POC and added a Key management Access policy with all permissions.
  2. In the Key vault I created a RSA 2048 Key named DBEncryptionKey1
  3. In Active Directory I registered an App named test-keyvault
  4. In Key Vault DB-Encryption-POC, I added a Key management Access policy with all permissions and set the service principal as test-keyvault. I hope this will hook my app test-keyvault with the access permissions
  5. In the App test-keyvault, I created a secret

enter image description here

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    You'd be better off posting the error text than an image which is hard to read.
    – Dale K
    Jul 6 '20 at 21:20

You said in 2. you created an rsa 2048 key named DBEncryptionKey1, but the error shows you are trying to find a key named EncryptionDBKey1, looks like at the very least the name is mismatched?

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