What is the best way to be store, query & index a column containing around 100k bits?

I am attempting to do it creating a table like so:

CREATE TABLE public.search_bf
    id serial,
    bf integer ARRAY[3125]

So column bf would have 3125 32bit integers which would give me the neccessary bits. I'm now trying to find a way of indexing and querying this.

I would like to use intarray but this doesn't work for bits.

I could use intarray if I just created a column integer ARRAY[100000] but this would be really inefficent in terms of storage.

  • How do you want to query the table? – Laurenz Albe Jul 13 '20 at 15:59
  • I'll be testing a single bit of the data making sure that it equals 0 – owlbear Jul 14 '20 at 10:56

The solution I'm moving ahead with is to have an smallint[] which esentially gives me a total of 65k unique values / bits. I will then store the index of the bits that are 'on'. This won't be very efficent in terms of storage if densely populated. I could use int4 for higher indexes but this would consume even more space.

I can query it for off bits using @> operator.

I should be able to index this with a GIN index.

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