I need to install SQL Server Configuration Manager in order to configure SQL Aliases, but I don't want to install whole SQL Server

I expected it to be installed with SSMS, but I'm unable to find anything on disk with name SQLServerManager

How can I get it as easily(without installing heavy components) as possible?

Thanks in advance


I downloaded SQL Server year Dev (generally not minimal, Express version) which had a lot of features to choose from, so I was able to install thing called Client Tools Connectivity which allowed me to open SQL Server Configuration Manager


To configure SQL client aliases, there is no need for SQL Server Configuration Manager. The aliases are often for client-side usage, so installing the Configuration Manager would be extra hoop to jump through. There are two executables called cliconfg.exe in c:\windows\syswow64 and c:\windows\system32. These should be present after installing SQL Server Client tools or, in your case, SSMS.

The system32 version of cliconfg will create aliases for 64 bit applications, whilst syswow64 does the same for 32 bit. It is a good practice to create aliases for both environments, even if one uses mainly x64. If 32-bit aliases are omitted, legacy applications cannot connect to the database via alias.

For scripted solutions, one can edit registry keys directly. The keys are in paths


There are several pages how to configure aliases (search for network utility on the latter link). Googling for sql server client alias provides a lot of hits about the subject too.

  • I couldnt find 'cilconfg.exe' and Registry solution didn't work, for some reason. I used it before on Win7, but on Win10 it didnt work. – Joelty Jul 14 '20 at 12:01
  • It is cliconfg.exe. Note the spelling. – Tibor Karaszi Jul 14 '20 at 12:31
  • The answer has cilconfg.exe once, so that's probably what misled you. I can't do a two-character edit, but if someone can think of other useful edits, they can fix the typo at the same time. – Doug Deden Jul 15 '20 at 16:20

The procedure to add SQL Server Configuration Server is:

1 - Start —> Run —> mmc.exe

2 - In Menu Bar —> File —> Add/Remove Snap-in (or CTRL + M)

3 - Add SQL Server Configuration Manager and click OK

  • In step 3, SQL Server Configuration Manager was not one of the available snap-ins for me. – Astrophe 10 hours ago

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