I have a table that has a jsonb column as 'result' which has an array of objects.

Looks like this for every row:

[{"grade": "A", "subject": "MATH"}, {"grade": "B", "subject": "PHY"}...]

When I am querying this way

select up.id, jsonb_array_elements(to_jsonb(up.result)) ->>'subject' as result 
from "UserProfile"

I get correct result but problem arises when I query for a particular row with an id wherein this result column has an empty array data. Then it neither gives any result nor an error even though I am selecting 'id' in query. not able to put any default value also using coalesce

How can I resolve this issue?

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Use a left join:

select up.id, r.element ->>'subject' as result 
from "UserProfile" up
  left join jsonb_array_elements(up.result) as r(element) on true

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