I'm using MySQL 8.0 in Windows.

I'm trying to set up multiple servers. And I need to copy the Data directory for it. The MySQL documentation says

Windows MSI package installers create and set up the data directory that the installed server will use, but also create a pristine “template” data directory named data under the installation directory. After an installation has been performed using an MSI package, the template data directory can be copied to set up additional MySQL instances.

It says there is a pristine data directory that is not touched. But my Data directories are already modified because I used it quite a long time. I need to copy the Data directory to make new server. Where do I find the pristine Data directory?

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For anyone met the same problem as me, I couldn't find the pristine Data directory. I looked everywhere but I couldn't. So I reinstalled the new copy on my second computer. And copy the Data folder from it. Now, my multiple servers work without any problem in one machine.

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