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We are currently facing an issue with SSIS deployment from Visual Studio 2019 to SQL Server 2019. Using the Visual Studio "Integration Services Deployment Wizard" to deploy even a blank project, results in the following error: The SELECT permission was denied on the object 'server_principals', database 'mssqlsystemresource', schema 'sys'. (Microsoft SQL Server, Error: 229)

Screenshot: Error

I use my AD account (Windows Authentication) to deploy from VS 2019. My AD account has db_owner access across the server and databases. We have also attempted to deploy the dtsx file from SSMS 2019 itself which also results in the same error

I am struggling to find any online resources which specifically make reference to the SELECT issue on "Server_principals"

Has anyone perhaps experienced something like this or can anyone please advise where the issue could lie or where to troubleshoot next?

Thanks in advance


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Thanks Mustaccio, reading through that did give me an idea of where to look for the solution. Adding the SELECT permission for sys.server_principals on database master for database role "Public", seems to have resolved the issue

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