I'm a PostgreSQL DBA learning SQL Server 2019.

The setup :

  • 1 Desktop, 1 Laptop
  • Both running SQL Server 2019 Developer
  • Windows 10 Home (nothing else, no active directory, nas, san, ...)
  • a database in simple recovery model, with partial containment enabled

The problem :

  • I want to be able to synchronize a database from my laptop to the desktop, or the other way around
  • I don't want to use replication (log shipping or others) since I may not connect both servers for a long time and my laptop is very limited in disk space. (I'm in simple recovery model for the same reasons)
  • both (desktop/laptop) database must be writable (so no primary/secondary)
  • if the database is modified on both side, I'll lose modification on one side. It's ok! I accept this.

The solution I know :

  • Create a SQL Server dump, send it to the desktop over shared network, apply the dump. or the other way around.

Is there a way to export a database to another database, on demand ? Or is the dump/transfer/restore the way to go ? (that's what I would do with PostgreSQL)

I don't know all the SQL Server keywords and terminology and my google-fu was unsuccessful. Most solutions I find are obviously about how to set up replication over a reliable/permanent network. which doesn't fit my requirements.

  • now that i think about, i haven't looked at any "import" option, there might be a more readily available option to import data from another database, instead of the other way around (exporting to a database) – ker2x Jul 21 '20 at 19:40

Well... it turn out it couldn't be easier.

Right click on database -> Tasks -> Copy database...

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