Our Active directory will change the accounts name for example John Doe Jdoe@abcd.com to John.Doe@abcd.com.

My question is do I need to change all the SQL Logins individually or the person can login to SQL server management studio with their old names. What also happens if the login is an owner of a database or job.


SQL Server stores Active Directory users using their GUID which won't change when you alter the name in AD, so no worries.

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  • So it is linked to the SID and the users will login through SSMS using the old logins and in order for them to use their new login when using ssms i will have to alter the login and assign the new user. – SQL_NoExpert 2 days ago
  • No, with Windows logins, it doesn't matter what the user name is or if it's been changed. They just connect using Windows Authentication through SSMS without any need to chsnge anything in SQL Server. – Max Vernon 15 hours ago

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