I have scheduled oplog incremental dump using mongodump but it fails very often on majority of the servers. I have a shard cluster with around 200GB of oplog size defined and around 30-40 hours of oplog window.

I am thinking it is because of message "WiredTiger record store oplog truncation" just before the dump starts which is common during every failure. Other times, the dump runs perfectly fine. I have analysed the oplog window and size and it is fine. The oplog start data was way older than the timestamp I am using during oplog dump.

Below are some of the logs :

  1. From mongod.log and my backup script :

2020-07-19T16:28:10.472+0000 I STORAGE  [WT RecordStoreThread: local.oplog.rs] WiredTiger record store oplog truncation finished in: 420ms

2020-07-19T16:28:10.502+0000 E QUERY    [conn74791] Plan executor error during find command: DEAD, stats: { stage: "COLLSCAN", filter: { $and: [ { ts: { $lte: Timestamp(1595176086, 2244) } }, { ts: { $gt: Timestamp(1595173520, 25) } } ] }, nReturned: 0, executionTimeMillisEstimate: 2970, works: 356598, advanced: 0, needTime: 356597, needYield: 0, saveState: 2787, restoreState: 2787, isEOF: 0, invalidates: 0, direction: "forward", docsExamined: 356596 }```

oplog-prd-mon-bzm-shard-hd03.c.blazemeter-dr.internal-20200719.log-2020-07-19T16:28:06.794+0000 reading password from standard input
oplog-prd-mon-bzm-shard-hd03.c.blazemeter-dr.internal-20200719.log-Enter password:
oplog-prd-mon-bzm-shard-hd03.c.blazemeter-dr.internal-20200719.log-2020-07-19T16:28:07.153+0000 writing local.oplog.rs to stdout
oplog-prd-mon-bzm-shard-hd03.c.blazemeter-dr.internal-20200719.log-2020-07-19T16:28:09.795+0000 local.oplog.rs  0
oplog-prd-mon-bzm-shard-hd03.c.blazemeter-dr.internal-20200719.log-2020-07-19T16:28:10.517+0000 local.oplog.rs  0
oplog-prd-mon-bzm-shard-hd03.c.blazemeter-dr.internal-20200719.log:2020-07-19T16:28:10.517+0000 Failed: error writing data for collection `local.oplog.rs` to disk: error reading collection: Executor error during find command :: caused by :: errmsg: "CollectionScan died due to position in capped collection being deleted. Last seen record id: RecordId(6850019249918838732)"

  • Reference documentation you are following and exact commands you are issuing. – D. SM Aug 5 at 4:11

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