I manually ran query in SSMS and captured actual execution plan of the query by enabling its icon in SSMS. I am not getting "Memory Grant" when I keep my mouse on SELECT OPERATOR. I didn't get in properties window as well. I checked the XML data of plan as well and I am getting below Information which is not useful:

<MemoryGrantInfo SerialRequiredMemory="0" SerialDesiredMemory="0" />
<OptimizerHardwareDependentProperties EstimatedAvailableMemoryGrant="629094" EstimatedPagesCached="78636" EstimatedAvailableDegreeOfParallelism="2" MaxCompileMemory="3836688" />

I tried mulitple versions of SSMS but no luck.

Anyone else has faced this wierd issue? Any help would be appreciated.

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Your query is probably very simple and does not require any memory grant.

It is trivial to reproduce:

enter image description here

See Understanding SQL Server memory grants for more background.

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