This is based on a MySQL database.

I'm trying to join 3 tables together and get a MAX value from the third one. I'm trying to get the po.id, for each part.id, that has the latest po.date. I cannot base it on the MAX po.id. It must be based on the MAX po.date, which is what I'm stuck on. However, I need to used the poitem table to determine if the po contains the part.

Table: po

po.id, po.date

Table: poitem

poitem.id (item id that is only used for joining), poitem.partid

Table: part


This is what I'm trying to end up with:

part.id po.id

..... .....

..... .....

..... .....

  • whar happens when Max po.date gas two ids or even more?
    – nbk
    Aug 11 '20 at 22:25

Assuming that poitem.id is the same as po.id

    part pa INNER JOIN poitem pi ON pi.partid = pa.id
WHERE pi.id IN (SELECT po.id 
                FROM po 
                WHERE po.`date` = (SELECT MAX(`date`) FROM po))

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