For MariaDB encryption at-rest, my setting is

# at-rest encryption
plugin_load_add              = file_key_management
file_key_management_filename = /etc/mysql/rest/keyfile.enc
file_key_management_filekey  = FILE:/etc/mysql/rest/keyfile.passwd
file_key_management_encryption_algorithm = AES_CBC

However, if hackers steals the database, they has access to both keyfile.enc and keyfile.passwd and the point of encryption at-rest is useless.

Can I tell the key manager not to read the super password from the file. Instead, read it from the user at the startup?


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Usually database is started as a service in background, so entering keys at startup will not be possible.

To separate key(s) and data you have the following options:

  • store keys on a separate device which can be unplugged after start of database server.
  • use an external key management system, e.g Eperi which also supports key rotation.
  • Is AWS Key Management Plugin similar to Eperi in this sense? There is no much information in the link about how Eperi connects to another server. A bit hard to evaluate it.
    – mercury
    Aug 14, 2020 at 7:57

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