I'm having an performance issue with a query, the query is something like:

Select * 
from requests 
where start_date > {start_date} 
and end_date < {end_date} 
and employee in {employee_id_list}

The problem is that this employee list is huge, and come from another service and could contain up to 10.000 employee_id.

Are there any better way of doing this than using the employee_id_list as parameter for this query?

  • 1. What version of MySql 2. What is the primary key 3. What are any secondary indexes defined? – bbaird Sep 3 at 19:41

try use "with" clase

with employees as (
--- your employee list in select statement 
--- for example:
select 1 emp_id
select 2 

select * 
from requests rq
join employees em on (em.emp_id = rq.employee)
where start_date > {start_date} and end_date < {end_date}
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  • I will try this out, I didn't knew this way could make any difference. – Luis Tellez Sep 3 at 8:55
  • join is faster than in clause especially if you have unique list – areklipno Sep 3 at 11:21

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