In debugging a problem the application is throwing the error:

Internal error: An expression services limit has been reached. Please look for potentially complex expressions in your query, and try to simplify them.

In tracing through where it happens, I found that it is happening when calling an SP that is updating only a few records. I saw comments related to this error being related to large where clauses or large volumes of data, but I can't understand why this error is happening in SQL 2019 for an SP that only updates a few records. The logic essentially does:

  • Grab the information of the record into a temp table
  • Create a new database record with that info
  • Call another SP that returns a pre-formatted string
  • Update the record with some other custom info later on
  • Call another SP that is creating another singular record

That's all that it is doing, and I'm getting this error message and it is causing problems. Any thoughts?

  • Most likely you have a function being inlined and have not applied the CU that fixes the issue. See duplicates.
    – Paul White
    Commented Sep 4, 2020 at 18:20


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