My question is similar to: how to spy on a transaction that is not yet committed in postgres for debugging

What I tried:

  1. I start a pgbouncer instance, and set the max-db-connection to 1
  2. From my node application, i connect to pg-bouncer
  3. I BEGIN a transaction, and inserted a few rows, i.e: INSERT INTO USERS VALUES ('john')
  4. I end the application without COMMIT
  5. I connect to pgbouncer from another client (i.e: Datagrip)

Expected: I can continue from the uncommitted transaction, and SELECT * FROM USERS WHERE name = 'john', would retrieve the rows.

But what happens is that PgBouncer would close the connection ( closing because: unclean server (age=0s)) when a client connects, since it knows that there is an uncommited transaction. Is there a way to make this hack work with/without using PgBouncer?

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You can only see uncommitted data modifications withing the transaction that performed them, so your client code would have to use the same transaction for everything. This sounds a lot like you are going to end up with long running transactions, which is a very bad idea in database, particularly in PostgreSQL.

I recommend that you approach this in a different way. Add a column committed to the table that you set to TRUE or FALSE (or something similar). Then you don't have to keep transactions open for a long time, and other transactions that choose to do so can simply SELECT “uncommitted data”.

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