in Oracle databases, I would like to know if it is advisable to make logical backups with exp or expdp in large databases with large volumes of data, greater than terabyte, I have seen several systems with Oracle that have large sizes and only perform physical backups With RMAN, I wonder what the strategy would be if a table was deleted for some reason ...? What do you do in such cases? What would be a save strategy in these large Oracle?


With RMAN you can do point-in-time recovery (if properly) configured, so you could restore the database to the moment before the drop. Also, you can even restore just a single table from a backup. Other than that you have the recyclebin from which you can recover dropped tables and you have also Flashback Database. So to recover from a dropped table there are plenty of options - without an export.

In my career I have only once used daily exports as part of the backup strategy, but we stopped that once you could restore a single table from backup.

Regards, Daniel

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