I tried to do this:

COPY postgres_log FROM $1 WITH csv;

And with a separately sent file path, like I make all normal queries (SELECT/UPDATE/INSERT/DELETE). However, it gives:

ERROR:  syntax error at or near "$1"

Um... So does that mean that I'm forced to send it a scary string like this?

COPY postgres_log FROM '/full/path/to/logfileblablabla.csv' WITH csv;

If so, why? Why don't all query types support the parameterized queries interface? Isn't this like asking to enable SQL query injection vulnerabilities?

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Yes, you cannot use parameters with COPY.

Why? Because nobody has implemented it. Feel free to come up with a patch.

Currently only SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE support parameters.

You can use the format function with the %L format to comfortably construct an SQL string with a string literal while avoiding the danger of SQL injection.

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