After RDLC report updated with Visual Studio 2019 is not working with SQL Server 2016:

  Message=An error occurred during local report processing.

Inner Exception 1:
DefinitionInvalidException: The definition of the report '' is invalid.

Inner Exception 2:
ReportProcessingException: The definition of this report is not valid or
supported by this version of Reporting Services. The report definition may 
have been created with a later version of Reporting Services, or contain 
content that is not well-formed or not valid based on Reporting Services schemas. 

Details: The report definition has an invalid target namespace
which cannot be upgraded.

From How to change "deployment target version" on SSIS 2019? I went to project properties in VS 2019 but still can't find "Target Server Version". I was told to update the "SQL Server Integration Services Projects" extension to the latest version.

I currently have SSIS version 13 installed on SQL Server 2016 and I run local rdlc reports, not the server versions. Do I still need to update SSIS? The reason I am hesitant is several other DB in the server and trying not to create issue for some other legacy software.


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