Using sql profiler, we trace all slow queries (filter on duration/reads) to see where we can optimise. Events used:

  • RPC:Completed
  • SQL:BatchCompleted

Filter on Duration.

If I add the event ShowPlan XML, then I cannot filter on the duration of the underlying query, creating a huge load as hundreds/thousands of queries arrive each second

How to only capture the execution plan for the entries that match the filter duration/reads of the captured queries from the other events?

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The easiest way would be to stop using Profiler and go to Extended Events. The query_post_execution_showplan event has duration built right in and you can use that to filter capture quite neatly. Here's a simple example:

    ADD EVENT sqlserver.query_post_execution_showplan
    (WHERE ([duration] > (10000)))
    ADD TARGET package0.event_file
    (SET filename = N'ExecPlansDuration');

Just know that capturing plans can be very expensive.

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