I have a following problem as in the example. I have to join two tables based on the aggregated columns. These are the only way to combine these two tables. Is it possible to do this? I have tried Having by - procedures, without any success.

Select a.customerID,
sum(a.Items) as Amount a
sum(b.Items) as Amount b
From Orders a

Join Table B
   on SUM(a.Items) = SUM(b.Items) 
Group By a.CustomerID
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    I don't know if I should give you the answer or just a hint: use 2x CTEs (the WITH clause) - one for each table with sum() Sep 25 '20 at 18:28
  • Thank you for the tip, I will look into. Could you give an example how it could be implemented here? Have not used CTEs previously.
    – Meettu
    Sep 25 '20 at 20:35

Something like this:

ta as (select a.customerid, sum(a.items) amount_a
       from orders a
       group by a.customerid
tb as (select sum(b.items) amount_b
       from tableb b
select ta.customerid, ta.amount_a, tb.amount_b
from ta join tb on ta.amount_a = tb.amount_b

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