I'm trying to work with the blocked process reports captured using Extended Events and, while I can find numerous blog articles and Q&A about specific details (e.g.1 2 3), I can't find any documentation from MS about the contents of the report & how to interpret each field.

For example, I'd like to know:

  • What are clientoption1and clientoption2
  • Why do I sometimes get an object_id that doesn't exist in my database (like this question)
  • What does index_id indicate (probably answered at link above)
  • How to decode waitresource (here's a start)
  • ... and the list goes on.

I don't just want answers to these questions, I want something more complete.

Is this an undocumented feature or am I just crap at finding it?

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  • Thanks, yes I've found those helpful. But still, nothing comprehensive from MS. – Rory Sep 29 at 21:27
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    If you only want something from MS, you might want to contact MS. – Aaron Bertrand Sep 29 at 21:30
  • Well, I'm hoping for something comprehensive and well-structured, no you're right it needn't be from MS. Most of the articles and answers I find are quite narrowly focused or just a poor rewrite of someone else's post. Many are also really old, so possibly superseded by better ways of doing things. – Rory Sep 29 at 21:36
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    Better ways of doing things with the blocked process report that hasn't changed since 2005? Meh, I doubt it. – Aaron Bertrand Sep 29 at 21:37

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