Where would I set the maximum time a query will wait for a lock in MySQL 5.0.68 before timing out?


Other timeout settings that are general (not just for locks, since innodb_lock_wait_timeout only applies to InnoDB row locks) would be wait_timeout and interactive_timeout (both default to 28,800)


By default, it is 50 seconds

Just set innodb_lock_wait_timeout as needed.


If you hit the 50-sec InnoDB timeout, you have a poorly designed application!

That timeout exists to catch naughty things that cannot be caught any other way.

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    Or due to errors, I've an extremely busy mysql and mariadb server and deadlocks are a normal thing ot happen all the time. Even if "impossible". If you have a hundred million rows and ten thousands of sql command every second you'll find every sort of bug in mysql (crashes) as well as deadlocks of various sorts. – John Dec 19 '18 at 19:15

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