I've installed EDB PostgreSQL v12.4 with the EDB MAC installer/de-installer on my MAC PRO Mojave server as I have done many times before.

However, I recently installed PostgreSQL ver 12.4 to support PostGIS 3.0.2. Then I noticed that an instance of PostgreSQL v10 was showing in the PgAdmin4 viewer. But the MAC /Library/PostgreSQL/ folder only contained a version 12 folder (/Library/PostgreSQL/12/data)

My previous installation was of EDB PostgreSQL v10 due to a limitation of Pentaho Server 9.03. So I'm not entirely surprised to see both versions in PgAdmin's display in Chrome.

But as a precaution, I de-installed the PostgreSQL v12 using the EDB Mac tooling. And I deleted all subdirectories of the /Library/PostgreSQL/ folder.

Then I re-installed EDB PostgreSQL v12 to a clean-empty /LibraryPostgreSQL/ folder.

However, both instances v12 and v10 are now visible again in PgAdmin4, despite the fact that there is no 10/data folder under the /Library/PostgreSQL/ folder, only a 12/data folder.

So... is this

  1. A result of left-over artifacts such as LVM folders in the LVM-assigned Hard Drives that are designated as TableSpaces for the ingest, manipulate, extract tablespaces of the Pentaho Server and PDI data element categories?

  2. An additional layer of pg configuration files for v10 hanging around in the /Library/PostgreSQl/12/data folders?

  3. A phantom reference to a nonexistent instance of PostgreSQL v10 referenced in some HTML History in PgAdmin4's hidden/internal installation of Apache HTTP Server?

  4. A file or folder reference held by the dedicated/internal Pentaho Server's TomCat Web server that is used to display the HTML interfaces of Pentaho Server 9.03 or Pentaho Data Integration tool?

or something else?

Your perspectives will be appreciated! Thanks...

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    It is 3. pgAdmin retained your old definitions. Just delete these connections in pgAdmin. – Laurenz Albe Oct 6 '20 at 6:21

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