I got to the point where I want to separate the MySQL database from the server where the website resides. And keep those 2 parts separate so I can do load balancing of the web servers later.

How do I calculate what resources I would need for the MySQL db server? At the moment there are some slow queries in the app which I cannot avoid, so this is why I want to separate the DB and increase the resources to handle more connections and more queries.

Would be better to have 2 replicated db servers and implement load balancing? What would be the best practice for that?

What would be the best practices for my situation?

  • Consider posting A) your slow query, B) EXPLAIN SELECT your slow query results, C) SHOW CREATE TABLE for each table used; and it is quite possible you can avoid the implementation of load balancers and splitting server functionality. Also post to pastebin.com TEXT results of SHOW GLOBAL STATUS; and SHOW GLOBAL VARIABLES; so we can analyze your workload, please. – Wilson Hauck Oct 7 at 11:00

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