In MySQL I know I can reuse an alias in a query like this:

  value_a + value_b as value_sum,
  (SELECT value_sum) + 5 as padded_sum

Is there any way to make this work if padded_sum is also the name of an existing column in one of the joined tables?



For that you need user defined variables

  @sum1 := value_a + value_b as value_sum,
  CONCAT('VALUE SUM: ', @sum1 + 5) as label,
  @sum2 := value_a + value_b as value_sum2,
  CONCAT('VALUE SUM: ', @sum2) as label2
 FROM item i
   LEFT JOIN item_sums isu USING (item_id);


item_id     value_sum   label           value_sum2  label2
1           4           VALUE SUM: 9    4           VALUE SUM: 4
2           5           VALUE SUM: 10   5           VALUE SUM: 5
3           11          VALUE SUM: 16   11          VALUE SUM: 11


      CONCAT('VALUE SUM: ', value_sum + 5) as label,
      CONCAT('VALUE SUM: ', value_sum2) as label2
      value_a + value_b as value_sum,
      value_a + value_b as value_sum2
   FROM item i
       LEFT JOIN item_sums isu USING (item_id)) t1;


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  • thanks, I am aware of this approach but can it be done without using variables? – billynoah Oct 7 at 0:44
  • yes, but it only gets uglier see changed answer, if you don't want to use the sum again – nbk Oct 7 at 1:03
  • oh no ..lol that's not what I meant at all. but thanks anyway. – billynoah Oct 7 at 1:17
  • what do you mean? there are no other possibilities, to use value_sum and this is more than enough – nbk Oct 7 at 1:19
  • no that is not what you ask. but for an answer you can identify every table and column by simple write table1.value_a or table2.value_a, with a dot between you can combine databse table and column – nbk Oct 7 at 1:22

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