Is there any way, in SQL Server, to cause a batch to time out if its CPU usage exceeds some value specified in the batch? I need this to occur at the batch, and not the connection level.

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    How exactly do you specify a batch? One command, or a "true" batch (what was sent from the client to the server for parsing, optimization and execution)? – Tibor Karaszi Oct 12 '20 at 14:51

There has been a quick and dirty method in SQL Server for 20 plus years - you set the value of Query governor cost threshold to your arbitrary amount and then if the estimated cost of the execution plan exceeds that the query is rejected - I believe the end user receives some kind of error message but I haven't seen this enabled in the wild for a VERY long time so can't remember any details.

NB: more than just CPU costs is included from the link : CPU time, memory, and disk IO.

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