I am creating database with Qtsql.QSqlDatabase using with in python. I want to protect my Database with password. I am using this database for my desktop applications. If it is possible, How to do this. or is there any or other databases way to create database with password protected.

db = QtSql.QSqlDatabase.addDatabase("QSQLITE")#database

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Sqlite doesn't come with encryption built in, however you can enable encryption in sqlite by either purchasing the official paid extension here for $2000. Or you can take a chance on one of the free alternative like this one. I have no idea how well the free versions will work, but I imagine the paid one is quite robust and up to date.

You will also need to build a custom qt sql driver by following the instructions here. And finally you must run this sql immediately after opening the database

PRAGMA key='your-secret-key';

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