I'm using Postgres on AWS EBS, when running a query that uses a bitmap heap scan and a bitmap index scan, the execution time seems proportional to the number of "heap blocks" read, as shown by the EXPLAIN ANALYZE (I've not 100% verified this). Because EBS is networked attached storage, it has a high (~1ms) latency, but a high throughput/bandwidth, meaning Postgres wouldn't be taking full advantage of the disk.

Is it the case that when reading from Disk postgres queries blocks/pages sequentially?

  • When doing a sequential scan, yes. When doing any sort of index scan, it's unlikely. (It's not impossible, if your indexed expression happens to match the on-disk sequence of rows, but if your query were broad enough to touch many contiguous blocks, the planner would probably have picked a seqscan plan instead anyway)
    – AdamKG
    Oct 15, 2020 at 10:14

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In the case of bitmap heap scan, it can issue async block reads. This is controlled by effective_io_concurrency.

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