I am using WordPress to run my website, along with the traditional MySQL Databases. Whilst seeking to speed up my website, I decided to clear some of the old and unused tables with WP-Optimizer. Sadly, it seems that I have deleted something I shouldn't by mistake, since it seems I have partially broken Elementor Plugin.

I luckily have a database backup, but it is a few days old and, given there are a lot of modifications done on a single day, I do not wish to simply import that backup; what I'd like, is to compare my website's database with my backup and restore the missing tables only, after thorough examination of their content.

I am no SQL expert at all and looking for guidance.

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    step 1, take a new backup of what you have now. 2. You've got the right approach with partial restore. Is your backup one big SQL dump? Can you restore it to a different database on the same server? That will make it easy to compare the two instances and you can move data from you restored instance to the damaged database? – danblack Oct 17 at 23:05

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