On our SQL Server cluster, I get messages when the backup runs on secondary node.

BACKUP failed to complete the command BACKUP LOG activity. Check the backup application log for detailed messages.


DESCRIPTION: the target database, 'engageone', is participating in an availability group and is currently not accessible for queries. Either data movement is suspended or the availability replica is not enabled for read access. To allow read-only access to this and other databases in the availability group, enable read access to one or more secondary availability replicas in the group. For more information, see the ALTER AVAILABILITY GROUP statement in SQL Server Books Online.

I understand that it is because the secondary DB is read only.

I would like to solve this problem.

I think if I set secondary DB as Readable Secondary = Yes or Read-intent only , after that this problem will be solved.

But I have question?

If I set parameter "Readable Secondary" to Yes or Read-intent only and secondary DB will be disconnected and someone sends query to secondary DB?

What will happen? The secondary DB will response? or not?

Of course, all our application send queries to Cluster name.

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