I am learning Oracle and have to do roles. I created an c##admin from a sys, granted him all grants. Then I created a c##manager_role and c##manager. I granted this role to c##manager. After that I started to grant privileges to c##manager_role. In addition I granted the following:

CREATE VIEW                              YES YES NO

CREATE ANY VIEW                          NO  NO  NO

DROP ANY VIEW                            YES YES NO 

Above output from:

select * from role_sys_privs where ROLE = 'C##MANAGER_ROLE' order by 1;

Now, I can't understand, why CREATE ANY VIEW has 3 "NO" and why I can't create any view from c##manager.

From c##admin:

grant CREATE ANY VIEW TO c##manager_role with admin option CONTAINER=all;

From c##manager:

create view friends_v4 as select t1.nickname as "USER", t2.nickname as "FRIEND" from c##admin.clients t1, c##admin.clients t2, c##admin.friends where (t1.id = c##admin.friends.user_id and t2.id = c##admin.friends.friend_id);


Error report - ORA-01031: привилегий недостаточно 01031. 00000 - "insufficient privileges"

*Cause: An attempt was made to perform a database operation without the necessary privileges.

*Action: Ask your database administrator or designated security administrator to grant you the necessary privileges

All tables noted exist.

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Being able to create a view is not [quite] enough.

The Owner [account] of the finished View must have read privileges on the Tables used by that view. These privileges cannot be conferred through any Role.

grant read on friends to owner_of_friends_v4 ; 
grant read on clients to owner_of_friends_v4 ; 

Also, why are you working with Common users here (starting "C##")?

I would only expect to see these in the Container database, not any of the Pluggable ones that live within it (which is where I would expect to see all Application Tables and Data).

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