Per what I understood:

Clustering is used for HA, where you can failover automatically, and it should be fast since the DB files are in a shared disk, so it would just be “reconnecting” the disk to another node.

Now, in AlwaysOn there is no shared disk, you have different boxes…

My doubt came when I was checking how to configure AlwaysOn and it says: "synchronizes data at the database level, but health monitoring and quorum are provided by a Windows cluster.”

In AlwaysOn configuration I see 'Windows Server Failover Cluster': enter image description here

How this works?!

In my mind clustering and AlwaysOn are two completely different technologies…

If AlwaysOn is “powered” by clustering, then what’s the difference between AlwaysOn and clustering? As far as I know is just the granularity of ‘db level’ in AlwaysOn that clustering lacks…

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