We have a requirement where we want to enable TLS-MA for some of the clients connecting to a specific Oracle database while the other clients can continue to use TLS with server certificate.

  • We are using Oracle 12.c in our environment.
  • Clients are connecting using the jdbc thin driver

I am an Oracle noob and i am not able to understand the documentation here

Will it work if i create 2 listeners; one with SSL_CLIENT_AUTHENTICATION=TRUE and another with SSL_CLIENT_AUTHENTICATION=FALSE

Any pointer to reference documentation will be great.

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SSL_CLIENT_AUTHENTICATION is a sqlnet.ora parameter - effectively a property of the database itself - not a listener parameter. You can only have one value per database instance (stand-alone or container), so there is no way to have the parameter set differently for separate clients. What you are attempting cannot be done as far as I know.

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