I have the following situation:

There is a video platform (like youtube). Each video is described by a number of video tags. How to model the situation? I realized it as follows:

videotag example

Each video, is described by a 'tagbundle' and each 'tagbundle' can describe 1..N videos..But what about the relationsship between 'tagbundle' and 'tag'..Each 'tag' can be contained in 1..N 'tagbundles' but each 'tagbundle' can also contain 1..N 'tags'..how do I resolve this?

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What is purpose of tagbundle? For such kind of problems you should put something between tags and tagbundle tables.

Consider table (could be called tag_mapping) that has 2 foreign keys and allows to join tags with bundles together (it has even fancy name - associative_entity).

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