I am using oracle 11g express edition and I am getting the below error when trying to create a change set.

Error report:

ORA-06550: line 2, column 3:
PLS-00201: identifier 'DBMS_CDC_PUBLISH.CREATE_CHANGE_SET' must be declared
ORA-06550: line 2, column 3:
PL/SQL: Statement ignored
06550. 00000 -  "line %s, column %s:\n%s"
*Cause:    Usually a PL/SQL compilation error.

I know CDC is desupported in later versions of oracle but I think it is supported here.

Can anyone help please?

I've tried to explicitly grant permission to the SYSTEM user with

grant execute on DBMS_CDC_PUBLISH to SYSTEM;

But I get

ORA-04042: procedure, function, package, or package body does not exist
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Verifying Packages

To verify that you indeed do have the required packages in Oracle run the following statement:

set pages 50
set lines 230
column owner format a20
column object_name format a30 

SELECT DISTINCT Owner, Object_Type, Object_Name FROM DBA_Objects_AE
     WHERE Owner IN (
       'SYS', 'OUTLN', 'SYSTEM', 'CTXSYS', 'DBSNMP',

     AND Object_Type IN ('PACKAGE')
     AND Object_Name like 'DBMS_CDC%'
     ORDER BY Owner, Object_Type, Object_Name

This should return something like this:

OWNER                OBJECT_TYPE             OBJECT_NAME                   
-------------------- ----------------------- ------------------------------
SYS                  PACKAGE                 DBMS_CDC_DPUTIL               
SYS                  PACKAGE                 DBMS_CDC_EXPDP                
SYS                  PACKAGE                 DBMS_CDC_EXPVDP               
SYS                  PACKAGE                 DBMS_CDC_IMPDP                
SYS                  PACKAGE                 DBMS_CDC_IMPDPV               
SYS                  PACKAGE                 DBMS_CDC_IPUBLISH             
SYS                  PACKAGE                 DBMS_CDC_ISUBSCRIBE           
SYS                  PACKAGE                 DBMS_CDC_PUBLISH              
SYS                  PACKAGE                 DBMS_CDC_SUBSCRIBE            
SYS                  PACKAGE                 DBMS_CDC_SYS_IPUBLISH         
SYS                  PACKAGE                 DBMS_CDC_UTILITY              

11 rows selected.

Package Parameters

If all is well, then you can run the following statement to determine the required inputs for DBMS_CDC_PUBLISH.CREATE_CHANGE_SET:

set pages 50
set lines 250
column object_info format a200
select ao.object_type
  ||' '|| ao.owner ||'.'|| ao.object_name
  || case when ap.procedure_name is not null then
    '.'|| ap.procedure_name
    || case when count(aa.argument_name) > 0 then
      '('|| listagg(aa.argument_name, ',')
        within group (order by position) ||')'
  end as object_info
from all_objects ao
left join all_procedures ap
on ap.owner = ao.owner
and ap.object_name = ao.object_name
and ap.object_id = ao.object_id
left join all_arguments aa
on aa.owner = ap.owner
and aa.object_name = ap.procedure_name
and aa.object_id = aa.object_id
and aa.subprogram_id = ap.subprogram_id
where ao.owner in (
and ao.object_type in ('PACKAGE', 'TYPE')
and ao.object_name like 'DBMS_CDC_PUBLISH%'
and ap.procedure_name like 'CREATE_CHANGE_SET%'

group by ao.object_type, ao.owner, ao.object_name, ap.procedure_name,
  ao.object_id, ap.subprogram_id
order by ao.owner, ao.object_type, ao.object_name, ap.procedure_name;

This should return:

1 row selected.


If you don't get a result, then you are possibly running a version of Oracle that doesn't support the package or you don't have sufficient privileges.

CDC Edition Support

...in synchronous mode is available in Oracle Standard Edition:

Change Data Capture comes packaged with the appropriate Oracle drivers already installed with which you can implement either asynchronous or synchronous data capture. The synchronous mode of Change Data Capture is included with the Standard Edition, but the asynchronous mode requires you have the Enterprise Edition.

Reference Material


This is a duplicate to your question here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/64640107/identifier-dbms-cdc-publish-create-change-set-must-be-declared/64640874#64640874

Same answer:

The problem is that you are using Express Edition, which does not include Change Data Capture functionality.


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