I'm trying to understand how can I achieve this in MongoDB:

select *
from Table1
where id in
(selct id from table2)

I'm trying to aggregate but I just can't understand how JSON works:


I need to find all information from collection1, but only if the ID is in collection2.

The reason I'm doing this is that I need to find the documents in Collection1, that has specifics IDS, and it's 600k IDS to look for.

as a SQL Server DBA, I'm really struggling to do this.


You should use $lookup for subquery.

Check out the document.

There is an example from the document.

       from: <collection to join>,
       localField: <field from the input documents>,
       foreignField: <field from the documents of the "from" collection>,
       as: <output array field>

In order to only get the entries from collection1 which are matched in collection2 without any information from collection2 attached, you can use:

       from: 'collection2',
       localField: 'coll2_id',
       foreignField: '_id',
       as: 'coll2_data'
{ "$unwind": "$coll2_data" },
{ "$project": {
    "coll2_data": false
  • this first makes a left-outer join and adds the information from collection2 to all collection1 entries into the field coll2_data.
  • as we only expect exactly one collection2 match for collection1.coll2_id we unwind the array to a single object. This also filters all collection1 entries which do not have a match in collection2
  • lastly the project removes the collection2 data from the joined entries

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